San Francisco’s transportation agency, MUNI, provides its own estimated time of arrival (ETA) through its counterpart – NextMuni. NextMuni is actually a rebranded version of NextBus, a leading transportation tracking system used in all parts of North America. The NextBus/NextMuni system utilizes “Global Positioning System (GPS) technology to trace the movement of Muni vehicles to predict their arrival times.2” This computerized system transmits these arrival times to be displayed at stations or on its website. ETAs are calculated and stored in data tables at NextBus’ data center in real-time. The data center then distributes the data to transit stops using NextBus’s own wireless communication network. Riders can also access the ETAs via’s web interface.

      The University of Central Florida has a different GPS shuttle tracking system implemented on their campus shuttles. Their system utilizes short range radio modems on the transmitter modules to communicate with the receiver module that calculates ETA. With an omni-directional antenna, the 900MHz radio modems used by the Central Florida system can transmit to about a quarter of a mile3. However, since multiple repeaters are located at multiple spots along the campus route, the shuttles are able to relay GPS coordinates from anywhere on campus. University of Central Florida’s system is significantly cheaper than utilizing Nextbus’ services, but it would not work in an urban environment like San Francisco due to obstacles blocking the RF transmissions.

      Our project is to create a simplified version that will be easily implemented and maintained. To simplify our project, we will be establishing our own self-sustaining network that will cover the distance between two primary locations. Our project is targeted for the students who ride the SFSU shuttle system between the campus and Daly City Bart. After implementing our project, students will be able to see when the next shuttle will be arriving at their stop and their expected wait time.


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