Project Description

      The purpose of this project is to construct a system that will provide an estimated time of arrival (ETA) to riders of the San Francisco State University Shuttle that travels between the SFSU campus and the Daly City BART station.

      Currently, riders are to assume that shuttles will come every 15 minutes. However, this timetable is quite inaccurate, sometimes leaving students waiting up to 25 minutes for the next shuttle to arrive. Creating a near real-time tracking system with better ETA accuracy of ±3 minutes will help riders to plan their commutes better. Using modules driven by microcontrollers and a data transmission network created by RF modems, we plan to implement a system where each shuttle may be tracked and have its ETA be displayed at each end of the shuttle route.

      For a more detailed explanation as to how the system works, watch the video below.

      This project was created as a part of a two-semester senior design course sequence in Computer/Electrical Engineering at SFSU in Spring/Fall 2012.

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